Quoting Richard M. Stallman

“Since the age of Reagan, the greatest scarcity in the United States is not technical innovation, but rather the willingness to work together for the public good. It makes no sense to encourage the former at the expense of the latter.”


Lineage OS: first impressions

Hello everyone. It's been a while since the last blog post.

As you may know, I am fascinated by firmware modifications. Mainly in consoles, but also other devices, like smartphones and whatnot. On a whim, I decided to buy a used phone in order to try out LineageOS, an Android distro, using the supported devices list to decide on one, of course.


I made a wiki for one of my favourite games :D

Make 10: A Journey of Numbers is one of my favourite video games… I must admit that the main reason is nostalgia. I could talk about it for hours; the problem is that barely anyone has heard of it! In an attempt to fix that, I’ve started a wiki for the game! I now have a space to freely infodump on an obscure game that I love and help others discover it >:)


Thoughts on the 9.02.2023 nintendo direct

Hello everyone. its been a little while since the last post. I normally don’t write up my thoughts like this for the nintendo direct streams - but there are so many new things I am excited for this time, I just need to get it out of my system!!!! SO let’s go over the stuff in the order it appeared. I will be skipping stuff I don’t really have any comments on. Sorry.


Sheep Don't Swim - Devlog #3

(mirrored from itch, post can be viewed here)


Happy new year...

New year, huh? I suppose that’s a good occassion for a little update, and to reflect a bit on the last year…


Art and Attitude

I recently attended an animated film festival where one of my films was shown. My film, “Feathers”, took me 2 years to make. But it doesn’t show. It’s nothing special really, with a plot that wasn’t really thought out, poor composition and mediocre animation. I’ve been more proud of the accomplishment of finishing it than the film itself - the goal I set with this film was to make a 2-3 minute film “all by myself”. Prior to starting work on Feathers, my longest animated work lasted a little over 30 seconds. It was mainly created as a challenge. Made harder by the fact I was graduating from middle school at the time, and I had a ton of schoolwork and studying to do.
My mother has seen the film on multiple occasions. But after viewing it on a big projection screen, she had this to say (paraphrasing):



Been giving my characters some love over on my profile!! Doing a lot of art uploading and profile rewriting.. It’s helping me get back into writing stories, which I haven’t done in forever… Click the link above to check out my funny guys and bits of their lore :)


wallpaper for my vita :)

I made a cool wallpaper specifically for my ps vita :p you can check it out (and download it) here


Softmodded my PS Vita!

I love my Vita, and have been considering doing this for a while. Biggest reason being that I couldn’t really do much with the 4GB memory card it came with - and you can’t just replace it with an SD card unless you hack it (and get a SD card-to-cartridge adaptor. Luckily they’re really cheap). I was worried it’d mess up my PSN account, but after some reading, I found out you can still use all PSN features as normal, which was a relief.


hello, world

This is actually going to be my first post after setting up Jekyll! I’ve been having a lot of fun learning how to set it up. I especially love the plugin jekyll-admin! A CMS-like environment makes it much easier for me to really write freely.


A Week With The Htc Desire

About a week ago, I remembered the existence of this little thing in my possession:
a very small old HTC smartphone. It has menu, home and back buttons, as well as a trackball.
it's a HTC Desire.
It may be hard to tell without comparison, but it's tiny. It's got a height of 10cm. It's pretty old as well (by smartphone standards), this model came out back in 2010. It's got Android 2.3.7 with Cyanogenmod.
I booted it up out of curiousity... And after having a look around and checking it out a bit, an idea struck me... Not a very good one...

What if I tried using this as my actual phone?