A month in France

My parents offered me to come along with them on a vacation in France. Being uncomfortable staying alone for a whole month, and considering I wouldn’t be able to go out that much because I’d be staying with my dog, I came along with them.


touchscreen face


Assorted August thoughts

It’s hard to admit, but I did lose a lot of contacts from leaving twitter. I miss talking to many of those people, my friends. Most of them are still exclusively reachable through twitter. I do hope I cross digital paths with them again…


1 year of Transing the Internet!

A small web revival community I’m in had a little event to celebrate one year of its existence. We made a really cool little collaborative artwork to celebrate!


Small update

Hi everyone, it’s been a little while.
Haven’t done much with the website these last two weeks, because… Graduation exams are right around the corner! Scary!
I do find myself wanting to write on here, but being immobilized by anxiety. My brain keeps going “you should be studying!!”…

I think I’m prepared, knowledge-wise. I just need to reread some literature summaries and I think I’ll be good… I’m not as scared of these exams as I am scared of this tension in the period before them.
I reaaaaaally want to work on all the cool projects in progress I have…
Well, see you on the flip side.


Game logging sites

Thinking about game logging sites… I quite like the look of Backloggery, and their cool web widgets, but… It just sorta has a different focus than what I have when I play games, you know? Backloggery focuses more on achievements like clearing out your backlog, 100% completing games, and stuff like that. I prefer the fairly recently created “alternative”, Backloggd, because it’s more focused on journalling and just keeping track of what you have played regardless of ownership, and logging your personal thoughts about a game.



I wanted to post this drawing from a while ago on the day of the nintendo direct, when We Love Katamari REROLL got announced, but couldn’t find it. I found it today while browsing my files, enjoy.


Discord servers and open-source projects

Just read this cohost post about a common phenomenon in online projects: Discord servers for help & support, and just service lock-in in general, I suppose.


The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog - playthrough

Hello everyone. It's my birthday today, so I'm going to pause my studying and treat myself to something silly. For April Fools SEGA has released.. A Sonic visual novel.


Lineage OS: first impressions

Hello everyone. It's been a while since the last blog post.

As you may know, I am fascinated by firmware modifications. Mainly in consoles, but also other devices, like smartphones and whatnot. On a whim, I decided to buy a used phone in order to try out LineageOS, an Android distro, using the supported devices list to decide on one, of course.