Quick and easy prep lunch. Ham and mayo tortilla wraps

A little recipe written using cooklang, which I think is really cool and wanted to try out. Here's a .cook file Ingredients: small tortilla wrap 3 mayonnaise lettuce ham 3 slices cheese 3 slices Cookware: plate Steps: Put a small tortilla wrap on a plate. Spread a small amount of...


Due today

A quick study done on my 3DS. It's 3D. here's the MPO file


Surgery, furry fun, and future projects

Hi everyone! So a month ago I went through another surgery, this time to fix that medical condition (a stoma, namely). I've got to say, compared to last time... I feel fantastic! My body pretty much feels the way it did before the whole ordeal, which I am incredibly happy...


narysuj se internet

The title can be roughly translated to "draw the internet yourself". This was supposed to be a submission for an exhibit of the same title, where the theme was to depict your online experience with traditional media. (I didn't submit on time ^^") I chose a pretty naive media...


contest entry

Entry for an art contest. the piece had to be inspired by Frida Kahlo's work. I really like how it came out :3



art trade with my buddy soup


moving to 11ty

[EDIT: 13.04.2024] I finally got off my butt and fixed the blog yippee!!!! RSS is broken as of now sadly though. Also need to work on the gallery and short posts pages. Jekyll broke on me, so I moved my site to 11ty. It wasn't as hard as I anticipated...