It's been a while, huh? still no RSS .. I'll get around to that, I swear. I don't really have the spoons right now to figure it out. what's new with me It's been two months since the last post after all... I passed the second semester of my uni...



was in a chibi kinda mood


low poly brighty

render from my semester final project in 3d modelling


Quick and easy prep lunch. Ham and mayo tortilla wraps

A little recipe written using cooklang, which I think is really cool and wanted to try out. Here's a .cook file Ingredients: small tortilla wrap 3 mayonnaise lettuce ham 3 slices cheese 3 slices Cookware: plate Steps: Put a small tortilla wrap on a plate. Spread a small amount of...


Due today

A quick study done on my 3DS. It's 3D. here's the MPO file


Surgery, furry fun, and future projects

Hi everyone! So a month ago I went through another surgery, this time to fix that medical condition (a stoma, namely). I've got to say, compared to last time... I feel fantastic! My body pretty much feels the way it did before the whole ordeal, which I am incredibly happy...


narysuj se internet

The title can be roughly translated to "draw the internet yourself". This was supposed to be a submission for an exhibit of the same title, where the theme was to depict your online experience with traditional media. (I didn't submit on time ^^") I chose a pretty naive media...