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moving to 11ty

[EDIT: 13.04.2024] I finally got off my butt and fixed the blog yippee!!!! RSS is broken as of now sadly though. Also need to work on the gallery and short posts pages.

Jekyll broke on me, so I moved my site to 11ty. It wasn't as hard as I anticipated (but still a bit frustrating). This post and eleventy's github discussions were a huuuge help though. I have some new Creative Commons artwork to post, I hope I remember to do it... I should be working on my semester final projects, haha... there's not a lot of time left to do them... I really really hope I somehow manage to pass this semester. I missed a lot of classes due to neccessary medical examinations. Oh yeah, I'm going to have another operation soon. Hopefully all goes well and this is the last I see of the hospital (at least for a while...)

Man, I really need to set up some automation for writing posts too. It's kind of a bother actually typing out all the front matter LOL

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