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Assorted August thoughts

It's hard to admit, but I did lose a lot of contacts from leaving twitter. I miss talking to many of those people, my friends. Most of them are still exclusively reachable through twitter. I do hope I cross digital paths with them again...

I've been quite socially isolated lately. I'm trying to be social online again, but I have forgotten how to chat with people in a fulfilling way...

It's okay, it's fine. I just need to survive 'til October, that's when uni starts.

I've been making progress on Earthstranded, my animated short film. Right now the goal is just to produce the storyboard, and maybe continue work on it some time later. I've already started drawing the storyboard, but... I can't focus enough lately... Right when I started work on it, I suddenly really want to write rather than draw, why must I be like this?

I can't seem to be able to mold an idea of my future into some tangible thought. It kind of scares me sometimes, gets me thinking about purpose and meaning. Life is dumb. Only logical solution I see is to just focus on the now and soon-now.

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