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Sheep Don't Swim - Devlog #3

(mirrored from itch, itch.io post can be viewed here)

It's been many months. I've kind of forgotten about this game, until now. I do want to still work on it.

Despite the new elements looking not very pretty, I decided to publish this build already, without polishing up the visual stuff. I got so caught up in trying to prettify and redo all the visual assets that I lost motivation on this project. So I decided to focus on technical/gameplay stuff.

Ideally I would like to get this game to a state where it has at least 5 skins/accessories to buy for the sheep, and a "mission" mechanic where you complete certain challenges to earn coins or special sheep.

The biggest changes are QOL stuff: mobile screen controls should now work normally, there's proper audio toggles, there's a "how to play" screen. I also added a "Dressing Room" a way to name each sheep in your herd, and change their appearance. So far it's only possible to turn them gold, or if gold, back to white again. I'll probably do a complete redo of the look and implementation later - I want to make it so that you can unlock skins for each sheep, and once unlocked you can switch between them freely.

Screenshot of the "Dressing Room" I mentioned above. It looks kinda bad lol
Beautiful, isn't it? ... I'll have to properly design this screen later.
That's it for now. I've been extremely busy lately - and probably will continue to be for some time, unfortunately...

Bye! Have a great day/night.

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