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A month in France

My parents offered me to come along with them on a vacation in France. Being uncomfortable staying alone for a whole month, and considering I wouldn't be able to go out that much because I'd be staying with my dog, I came along with them.

My family aren't the best people to be around, but I figured it may still be an interesting trip, as I've never been to France.

I've seen and experienced a lot of things. So many beautiful sights. The wildlife there is completely different from where I live. The culture is really interesting too. I have learnt a lot and gained new experiences.

The weather sucked most of my time here; that is: it was so unbearably humid and hot. I suppose that was to be expected though. I'm used to a more moderate climate...

I hoped to be more social and go out and get to know some people during my time here. But... we were staying in a small village in the middle of nowhere, I'm as shy as I always was, and any plans to go to events like concerts quickly crumbled apart because my father's the only one who drives a car.

I'm so dreadfully lonely. I'm starting to enter that state again where I spend almost whole days online, hoping for someone to pay attention to me.

Do I regret spending another summer tethered to my crappy family? It's hard to say.

There's no real way to tell what would've happened had I chosen to stay. And I had already made my choice. It's difficult, but I'm going to try not to dwell over this. I have had interesting experiences during my time there, and I think that's what matters.

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