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narysuj se internet


The title can be roughly translated to "draw the internet yourself". This was supposed to be a submission for an exhibit of the same title, where the theme was to depict your online experience with traditional media. (I didn't submit on time ^^") I chose a pretty naive media (crayons), for a pretty naive depiction - through this piece I wanted to promote the indieweb, the small web, the fediverse and other such movements and projects, portraying them quite idealistically... But this really is how I feel my average experience is like in the internet spaces I create in and contribute to - a bunch of places where I can communicate with and check on my critter friends. and have fun! ^_^

contest entry


Entry for an art contest. the piece had to be inspired by Frida Kahlo's work. I really like how it came out :3



art trade with my buddy soup

touchscreen face


Been playing a lot of bloons lately. Also been thinking about robots.



I wanted to post this drawing from a while ago on the day of the nintendo direct, when We Love Katamari REROLL got announced, but couldn't find it. I found it today while browsing my files, enjoy.

I think I'm gonna be sharing more artwork. I'll try to figure out a flow that works nicely for me and generates a nice gallery. I'm thinking about tagging art posts with a certain category and then using Liquid syntax to generate a gallery page out of it. I also need to look into pagination...

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