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DRAKONIC's Blog Roll

Wait, what's a "Blog roll"? Z czym to się je?

A blog roll is, well, a list of blogs. It's a way for webmasters and blog writers to recommend other blogs!
When you're an avid RSS reader user, or just a fan of blogs, it's always nice to have another feed to read :) (especially because it can be sometimes hard to find blogs on topics that interest you)

Descriptions taken directly from blogs or feeds, or written by me if those aren't an option.

If you'd like your blog here, send me an email and I'll likely add you in!
(Your blog must have an RSS feed)

title description link RSS
Crow Defeats Books "Books are my enemy, and I am sworn to stare them down with fierce, tired eyes. A sickly (mentally, physically) angel who is often busy melting away. I specialize in bad books, indie books, angel books, and lgbt books." crowdefeatsbooks.wordpress.com/
waxy.org "Launched in 2002, Waxy.org is my personal sandbox — a place for my writing, research, and explorations of the web. Frequent topics include internet culture, copyright and fair use, online community, independent and experimental media, and the intersection of art and technology." waxy.org/
beep's Blog "The inane ramblings of beeps." beeps.website/
jwz Really cool blog that covers tech and a variety of other things. www.jwz.org/blog/

I decided to include tumblr blogs too, but seperately and selectively. Here they are:

title description link RSS
jayrockin "The blog of a comic artist and biology enthusiast." jayrockin.tumblr.com/
the-hydroxian-artblog Really cool artist. Draws mostly sonic fanart and their incredibly designed OCs. the-hydroxian-artblog.tumblr.com/

This will be updated periodically (when I feel like it)

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