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A wizard at a computer desk, typing Here I'll be logging my progress on reading Terry Pratchett's "Discworld" series. So far I've read: Click the links in the list above to jump to a section

Currently reading:

Thoughts after reading each book:

an animated 3d bookThe Colour of Magic

My introduction to the world of the disc. I read the polish translation.

At first it felt a little... dry and boring, but after going through the first couple chapters I fell in love with the humor and the nonsensical worldbuilding of this series.

I'm writing this a couple months after I finished my first read, so I don't remember many details, but I loved the main characters. Luggage is the best weird magical chest thing ever.
I remember there being some stuff about dragons? And I remember loving it too.
Might revisit this one soon

an animated 3d bookMort

This was a fun one. So much good humor and a whole lot of lore... I love the way Death is portrayed.
Don't currently have any more thoughts on this one lol

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