Who are you?

Just your regular nerd on the internet. Also a dragon-adjacent being with a passion for computers and art, as well as creatures both real and fictional.

What do you do?

In my free time, I do digital art mostly. I do a lot of 2D art, including animation, but I've started learning 3D recently (blender is such an amazing software...)

If I'm not drawing or modelling, I'm probably working on one of my video game projects.

You can check out more info about my art and stuff here.

Something else about you?

I really love video games. I've started a collection of physical game releases some time ago. I love the medium, and I make my own games sometimes! I love to talk about a lot of related topics, like video game history/preservation, game development and the like.

I have a whole lot of hobbies apart from my main ones, and I love trying new ones! Really wish I had more free time for them all, though :(

Favourite things

  • Color: neon/lime green (currently...)
  • Animal: really hard to decide, but probably nudibranchs
  • Pokemon: Chimecho!
  • Game console: PS Vita
stamp saying 'i support sonic the polish pickle' stamp with some colorful stars falling down on a black background stamp saying 'i want to fly like a bird!'


Let's chat! :)

email me!

digital art commission inquiries very welcome! More info here: commissions.drakonic.zone


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