Happy new year...

New year, huh? I suppose that’s a good occassion for a little update, and to reflect a bit on the last year…


Art and Attitude

I recently attended an animated film festival where one of my films was shown. My film, “Feathers”, took me 2 years to make. But it doesn’t show. It’s nothing special really, with a plot that wasn’t really thought out, poor composition and mediocre animation. I’ve been more proud of the accomplishment of finishing it than the film itself - the goal I set with this film was to make a 2-3 minute film “all by myself”. Prior to starting work on Feathers, my longest animated work lasted a little over 30 seconds. It was mainly created as a challenge. Made harder by the fact I was graduating from middle school at the time, and I had a ton of schoolwork and studying to do.
My mother has seen the film on multiple occasions. But after viewing it on a big projection screen, she had this to say (paraphrasing):



Been giving my characters some love over on my profile!! Doing a lot of art uploading and profile rewriting.. It’s helping me get back into writing stories, which I haven’t done in forever… Click the link above to check out my funny guys and bits of their lore :)


wallpaper for my vita :)

I made a cool wallpaper specifically for my ps vita :p


Softmodded my PS Vita!

I love my Vita, and have been considering doing this for a while. Biggest reason being that I couldn’t really do much with the 4GB memory card it came with - and you can’t just replace it with an SD card unless you hack it (and get a SD card-to-cartridge adaptor. Luckily they’re really cheap). I was worried it’d mess up my PSN account, but after some reading, I found out you can still use all PSN features as normal, which was a relief.


hello, world

This is actually going to be my first post after setting up Jekyll! I’ve been having a lot of fun learning how to set it up. I especially love the plugin jekyll-admin! A CMS-like environment makes it much easier for me to really write freely.


A Week With The Htc Desire

About a week ago, I remembered the existence of this little thing in my possession:
a very small old HTC smartphone. It has menu, home and back buttons, as well as a trackball.
it's a HTC Desire.
It may be hard to tell without comparison, but it's tiny. It's got a height of 10cm. It's pretty old as well (by smartphone standards), this model came out back in 2010. It's got Android 2.3.7 with Cyanogenmod.
I booted it up out of curiousity... And after having a look around and checking it out a bit, an idea struck me... Not a very good one...

What if I tried using this as my actual phone?